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Unhappy Hipsters

March 15, 2010

This blog makes me snort milk out my nose.  The premise is extremely simple – it points out some of the ridiculous moments created by trendy modern architecture.  The blog is composed almost entirely of re-subtitled images from Dwell.  Each one individually is funny.  Taken together they are a pretty scathing indictment of architecture today.  For me its a strange coin flip reaction – each new post could make me laugh out loud and scorn all of architecture OR click on the dwell link to find out more about the really cool storage solution or artsy piece of furniture in the shot … or both.  Here’s a sampling but really you should go to the website.  I went through the first 8 pages in under a day.  I feel like it must have been created by a disgruntled architecture student but … I have no way to know.

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Higher Gas Costs for More Sustainability

August 18, 2009

I think if I keep posting in this vein I’m going to start getting hate mail but I just find it such an interesting twist on all the complaints about rising gas prices.  Just a week after writing up $20 Per Gallon I am posting this profile of British green designer, Lucy Pedler, who was interviewed this week for the Building Sustainable Design website.  In addition to discussing her career as an architect who has charted her own path professionally and become an organizer for sustainable design she editorializes a bit about the recent recession.  She actually wishes that the hike in fuel prices had gone on longer:

“I know that’s an odd thing to admit but I had hoped the recession would be more catastrophic – that it would change the way people think about their lives, because we can’t keep consuming the way we do. Frankly, we’re running out of stuff.”

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