About Lost

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Lost between the letters began as a sort of external hard drive for my masters thesis project way back in 2007.  That thesis is long since defended and now Lost is simply my outlet for research and opinions of all varieties.  It serves as a record of my experience living in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin, working out what it feels like to live alone in a small mid-western town and beginning to become an architect.  I’ll post favorite poems, pictures of my latest project, reviews and exerpts of books I’m reading, links to other interesting blogs, and the occasional photo about the weather.  Its also a place where I vent architectural grievances and discuss design ideas and news.   Feel free to browse around.


From 2011 on, I was much more often to be found at Dwelling Places – a site focused on design, buildings, and travel (that focused on the design of buildings).

In 2014 I moved to Chicago and began working with Moss Design.  In addition to design work, I created regular blog posts on buildings, sustainability, and Chicago.  Find that writing here.

Now I’m on a crusade to help people rejuvenate their ranch style homes.  (Did you know that there are 15 million across the US?)

I want to help new homeowners bring their ranches forward into the 21st century AND make them more midcentury-cool than they were when constructed.  I’m also remodeling my own 1952 ranch.

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*The picture (of the sun setting over the Mississippi river from the Hixon forest bluff top) represents the lack of sunset clause on this blog.