So its going to take longer than I had hoped …

March 11, 2011

… but I don’t think anyone is done fighting this battle yet. Now that the collective bargaining portion of the Budget Repair Bill has passed what remains for its opponents is to take back the WI legislature the old fashioned way … by throwing out the bums. Its not very satisfying to my craving for instant gratification but it won’t take as long as it might. We can start by voting Joanne Kloppenberg onto the Supreme Court. Then we can recall Dan Kapanke and any other republican state senators who caved to party loyalty instead of voting with their constituents. And in 2012 we can take back the whole Assembly. To keep spirits up, here’s another wonderful video by Matt Wisniewski:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Wisconsin Protests Pt. 4, posted with vodpod



One Response to “So its going to take longer than I had hoped …”

  1. […] This one’s been on my mind a lot lately. Our publicly funded social support system is being de-funded at an alarming rate.  Sure, we’re in an economic crisis here but these are the times when people most need help.  Ever two years we get a new chance to weigh in on what kind of government we want to have running things and its important to remember to participate in the system. […]

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