My Rapidly Escalating Obsession

March 4, 2011
Vodpod videos no longer available.
WI “Budget Repair Bill” Protest (Feb 20-24?) Pt. 3, posted with vodpod

In a trajectory similar to actual events on the ground in Madison, my interest in the protest happenings has been rapidly escalating into an obsession.

First I was waking up and checking five online news services every morning.

Soon just reading the morning updates of the La Crosse Tribune, Isthmus, Capitol Times, Wisconsin State Journal and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (as well as anything the New York Times, Mother Jones, the Nation etc might have to add) wasn’t enough.  I started checking back during the day to see if there were updates.

My sister sent me texts with pictures from her visits the capitol between classes.

For the last two days I’ve started following the Isthmus’s Live Feed of the situation – a collection of twitter updates from protesters inside and around the Capitol building, journalists covering the story and observers in the Senate and the judicial hearing to determine if the Department of Administration should be allowed to keep the building on lockdown.

One of the updates was a link to this latest visit by Matt Wisniewski (Thanks, Matt!  I was hoping there would be more).

I think I may have finally reached information saturation (short of quitting my job and moving to a new location on the capitol steps). But I’m still craving more news.  Like everyone else, what I really want to know is how will this all end.


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