The Continuing Saga

February 27, 2011

I had house guests this weekend visiting La Crosse while they attended a conference (my folks) so I couldn’t hop in my car and drive straight to Madison on Friday after work.  But I couldn’t stand to stay away.  So instead I joined a throng of local school teachers and rode three hours there and three hours back on a yellow school bus to be a part of the continuing protest saga.  I got back to the park and ride at 8:30, chilled and exhausted having spent my day well.

And it was SO WORTH IT.  There was an amazing turn out – much more than last weekend although there aren’t any official estimates yet.  And as you can see Bradley Whitford (a Madison native) came to the rally  to represent the Screen Actors Guild and gave an amazing speech.   I might have been listening to Josh Lyman (except that he’s not from the Midwest).   It was freezing and gently snowing the whole day but spirits were high.  Here’s what it looked like:

The crowd was densely packed and snow began to accumulate as the rally speeches continued.  But you wouldn’t expect a little adverse weather to deter Wisconsinites from coming out to support a cause they care about.

The Firefighters were again out in force.  Their bagpipes seemed to be playing continuously and they marched around and around the square before during and after the rally.  This is what solidarity looks like.

Ians pizza is everywhere.  They had set up a distribution center at the corner where State Street meets the square and were handing out slices as fast as people could take them.  The line stretched down the block.

Ian’s has had to stop accepting donation when the reach $25,000 each day because they can’t produce more than that much pizza to hand out in one day.  After that point they tell callers to call back and donate pizza money the next day.  They’ve had donation calls from all 50 states and more than 25 countries.  They are already making T-shirts which read “This is what democracy tastes like.”

And here’s the packed WEAC bus I came in on.  I think you can tell its full of WI school teachers even without knowing.


2 Responses to “The Continuing Saga”

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