On Wisconsin!

February 18, 2011

Have you heard the news.  There is an uproar in the capitol of Wisconsin today (continuing since Tuesday) as growing numbers are showing up to remind Governor Walker that saying he has a mandate to do what ever he wants doesn’t mean he actually does.

Wisconsin Rebuplicans have manufactured a budget crisis in order to push their union busting agenda.  The much touted budget shortfall of $137 million was created by his choice to give $117 million in tax cuts to businesses.  In fact before his whirlwind first month in office the state was poised to have a budget surplus.  Now he’s trying to frame this as preventing grabby state employees from  padding their pensions at the expense of the private sector but he never even sat down with anyone to propose a compromise before ramming this bill through the legislative process.

With Republican majorities in both the Assembly and Senate this bill will probably pass eventually.  But for the moment the brilliant stalling tactics of Senate Democrats have given people a chance to make their displeasure felt in downtown Madison through the weekend.  I’ll be driving that way as soon as I get off work today to take part in tomorrow’s rally.

If you’re interested check out the coverage here:

New York Times – Op Ed Piece on Governor Walker

New York Times – The anti-bill Protesting

New York Times – Missing Senate Dems

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Protests Continue, Rally’s Planned for Saturday

Wisconsin State Journal – State Troopers sent to Senator’s home

La Crosse Tribune – County Supervisor Opposes Walker’s Bill

By the way, seeing the Capitol building so full is extremely weird for me.  I worked there as a tour guide after graduating from college, leading groups of squirmy 4th graders and foreign tourists around the building and pointing out the stone work and paintings.  I never saw anything like this during my time there.


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