A Whole New Me

February 10, 2011

Come visit me at my new Design-related blog: Dwelling Places!

Making a Change

Lost Between the Letters has been my web-home for three and a half years now and I’ve posted about everything on my mind, from thesis research on sustainable construction systems to my latest sewing project or baking adventure to the sci fi movies I watched over the weekend. I don’t stick to any one subject matter – sometimes its all about sewing and other times I’ve posted about Harry Potter for two straight months (sorry, Laura).

I don’t really have an intended audience … in fact, I don’t really have much of an idea of who reads this other than a few far flung friends and family members.  But somehow I’ve managed to accumulate nearly 7500 page views (since switching to wordpress in July 2009).  And I know I really like having a forum to share my ideas with people – really just to write them down and get them out of my head.  So I’ve decided to try something a little more formal.

My New Address

So I’ll be putting more of my energy into composing regular posts on my new blog, Dwelling Places.  I’ll focus more on writing about my vocation – thoughts on green building and good design in general. I’ve been working on this for a few months now, gathering my resources and ideas and the new blog launched January 1st.  Feel free to stop by and check it out.

This isn’t goodbye – I’ll still be posting recipes, water colors, YA book reports and astronomical updates here at Lost.  In the meanwhile, wish me luck!


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