Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

November 20, 2010

Its All Here … Waiting For Next Time.

Pretty obviously I intended to finish writing about this (and the last book) before yesterday but … that didn’t happen.  So now I don’t feel like focusing too much on the details of Half Blood Prince when Deathly Hallows is so present in my mind.  In that light here’s what I got out of it:

There’s a lot that happens in this book and, like all the others, it has a clear independent plot line but in light of the next book a lot of it starts to feel like setup.  Here’s just a few … of the top of my head but mostly in order:

  • Snape’s ambiguous behavior sets up his big reveal
  • Inheriting Kreature sets up living at Grimauld Place … and the locket Horcrux story
  • The Burrow visit sets up the wedding (and Shell Cottage)
  • Harry’s obsession with Draco (and Ron and Hermione’s constant dismissal of it) sets up the conflict of the three of them being on their own and on the road
  • All of Dumbledore’s collected Voldemort related memories set up the mystery of the next book
  • Hiding the Potions book sets up Ravenclaw’s diadem
  • Draco’s expelliarmus on Dumbledore sets up the Elder Wand Hallow

So that’s a lot of setup.  Not that there isn’t a goldmine of clues and foreshadowing in all the other five books too – its one of the things J.K. Rowling is most famous for.  But for me at least, with book seven staring me down from the shelf … and the next movie five days away … I’m seeing those nuggets everywhere.  The only thing to do, then, is to press on!

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