“Mars is bright tonight.”

August 26, 2010

How amusing that my first non-Potter post in a while still gets a canon title.

I’ve been noticing the planet rising in the east shortly after dark for a while now (I knew it was a planet because it passes my very simple test: I can see it with my glasses off) and wondering which one it was.  Last night it was particularly beautiful when arrayed next to the still-nearly-full moon.  And then this morning, while making small talk with a client, I heard that the planet was Mars and knew I had to post.

I would have laid in wait tonight to get a really nice photo but … I can’t … because my camera is broken.  (pbhbt!)  Note: this is part of the reason that I haven’t felt inclined to post on things not Potter; I can’t take any photos to illustrate them.

Still, I figured someone else would have noticed this phenomenon too and taken a picture I could borrow.  So I hit the internet … and found absolutely nothing recently under Mars, Full Moon because … its not actually Mars.  Earthsky.org shows in the image above how Picies, Jupiter and the Moon will all be clustered shortly after nightfall this evening.  Our client must have heard this rumor flying around and gotten confused.  But it is, in fact, Jupiter.  And its still quite beautiful.  And very bright.    Check it out tonight.


One Response to ““Mars is bright tonight.””

  1. denisedthornton Says:

    I remember when we lived in Madison long ago how my three-year-old daughter seemed to have a special affinity for Jupitor. It was easy to spot, and when she saw it, she always called out “Jumping Jupitor!” I have ever since associated this planet with wild and untrammeled joy.
    Glad to be reminded.

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