Incorrigible Fangirl

August 2, 2010

Anyone who knows me at all is already aware that I am an incorrigible fangirl.  I mention this now not because it really needs re-stating but as a warning that I think there’s about to be a flood of Harry Potter analysis and discussion and general fandom on this blog soon. I’m in the mood for it.

I’m in the mood for Harry Potter specifically, rather, because I’m pretty much always in the mood to geek out about some favorite fiction or other and will happily debate the most minor character or plot details from sun up to sun down with anyone so unwise as to get me started.  I read and re-read favorite series and find myself thinking of the people in them, both major and minor, as friends and relations.  When I really need to buckle down and work hard on something in my life for a few months I usually touch base with Alanna and Kel first to get inspired by the value of hard work.  When I need a mental vacation, I take it in middle earth.  If I feel like I need some momentum to push through and beat the odds, I turn to Star Wars.

I think what kicked off this Harry Potter furor is that I somewhat randomly picked up the soundtrack to the latest movie from the library and fell instantaneously and completely in love with it.  The Half Blood Prince score, by Nicholas Hooper is by far the best to date (I’m heart broken that he’s not slated to score the final two).  Listen here and then buy it!  I like John Williams as much as the next die hard Star Wars fan, but  this musical score completely outclasses the first three movies!  Its delicate and filled with a sense of yearning that complements rather than overplays the darker tone of the book.  Interestingly, the CD is also organized into a series of musical themes for characters or moments rather than simply tracking the plot of the movie minus sound effects and dialogue.  I’ve been listening too it pretty much non stop since I adding it to iTunes a few weeks ago.  The soundtrack made me curious to watch the movie again, which led to more movies over a weekend and then fired me up with a desire to re-read the books.  The result is that I’ve been steeping myself in the world of Hogwarts and wizards to the saturation point and now I need to share.

So (assuming this counts as an apology) you’re only going to get one apology.  Strap in.


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