Everything in its place

July 15, 2010

I hit on a little organizational project recently.  It started when KJ and I were celebrating the Fourth of July with our “Redcoat Turncoat” theme of movies – watching a bunch of British costume dramas but applauding any time we saw evidence of nascent pioneer/cowboy spirit.  We were talking about how to place some of our favorite period movies in context with each other and I suggested that it would be helpful to list them all in chronological order.  I immediately jumped to an eager mental picture of a beautiful graphic timeline showing all my favorite set pieces: Wives and Daughter, Pride and Prejudice, Amazing Grace, etc.  But before I could get to that I just needed a list so I threw together an excel spreadsheet with a few contemporaneous British monarchs and the dates of the first good BBC and PBS adaptations that came to mind.  Then I added a few more.  And some books.  And expanded my list of British royals and then threw in American presidencies too.  A few historical events seemed helpful in constructing a sense of the flow of time and the lifespans of some of my favorite interesting people and then of course I tossed in some architectural names and dates and pretty soon it was … this.

I’m not sure what its good for, really but I’ve had a lot of fun constructing it and keep thinking of things to add.  I think a graphic format is forthcoming – maybe for just a selected period – but it seems like its far enough along to share now anyway.  Thoughts, anyone?


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