Layout (on a very dirty floor)

July 2, 2010

OK.  I’m back on track with the quilting.  I’ve got all the pattern pieces cut (except the white borders) and I delayed actually piecing them long enough to lay the whole thing out on the floor and have a look.  I’m still pretty pleased with the overall effect although somehow the green/yellows seem a little more washed out in place than they did as full fat quarters.  But basically I really like it.  Its amazing how fast the cutting process can go when I don’t have all my own waffling and decision making process to wade through .  Using someone else’s pattern is certainly a major time and stress saver.

Now I’ve got all the pieces stacked and ready to start sewing and pressing. (By the way, the table is all painted and done but I haven’t photographed it get – I’m playing with a couple of different room layouts to accomodate the new round shape first.)

Right now, I’m pretty excited to see this quilt top come together.   I’m not sure if sewing will begin this weekend or not, as my sister is visiting for the holiday but either way I have a feeling that piecing this quilt top is just going to fly.  And as I haven’t had my sewing machine out of its case since April it feels like more than time to get started!


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