I have a short attention span.

June 30, 2010

I came home last night with only two more fabric patterns to cut into pieces.  Look you can see them laid out on the cutting mat there on the table (yes, the new table).  But at the end of the night I still hadn’t finished (or started cutting them out).  So the quilt is on a mini hold.  “Why,” you ask.  Well I’ll tell you – because the humidity was so nice and low.  I realized that this next streak of days would be the perfect time to finish painting the table I bought last month from craigslist.  So I spread out some plastic drop cloth, block the table up on some handy spacers (more paint cans) and cracked out the brushes again.  I’m very excited to wrap up this project which has gone on far to long.

Here’s where it all started – I got this table back in May.  I actually bought it sight unseen through the Madison area Craigslist and via my parents and their handy Forrester.  I’ve been coveting a round kitchen table ever since I fell in love with the one that Roshni and Lauren had in their Boston apartment (actually I loved their whole apartment) and this was my first chance to re-create that.  Its a nice table (though heavy) solid wood and pretty nicely done at that but it did have a laminate veneer on the top and it was a pretty dark finish compared to the rest of the wood in my apartment.   So I decided to paint it.  I settled on a white top pretty quickly but moved a little too quickly in choosing the green for the base.  It was brighter in person than it had been on its paint chip and ended up seeming really loud in my apartment.  I didn’t know that at the time though because my plan was to paint the whole thing at work and then bring it home.  That actually didn’t work out perfectly because I was painting after work and the weather conditions in this valley mean that as soon as the sun goes behind the hills, the temperature drops AND water condenses all over everything.  I came back the next day to find standing water on my table top.  Not ideal for paint drying.  So I ended up finishing the base (in green) and then bringing it home to finish the white table top.  Unfortunately once it was in my apartment it a was all too clear that the green was wrong.  I let it sit for a couple of weeks but … decided that it had to go.  And last night it did.  So now I’m painting over the green with orange.  I really like it and I think it will be much more subtle, work better with my other wooden furniture and with the leatherette chairs I got last summer.  I’m altogether excited about it.  And since it can’t possibly take more than four coats to cover (I’m hoping for three) I’ll be done by tomorrow morning.  Yay finished table.

Here are the earlier incarnations:

Tomorrow I can get back to the quilting.


One Response to “I have a short attention span.”

  1. denisedthornton Says:

    Is this the new or old color.

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