New Project

June 26, 2010

This is my first weekend at home since my birthday and before it had been another month since I stayed put.  All this time away meant that I started using my apartment like a hotel room – coming home to eat, read, watch something and then go to sleep … and I haven’t had a project for quite a little while.  (Well I did re-finish a new table but that’s another story).  Today I’m finally starting one!  At the same time that I picked up my new table from Craigslist last month I also picked up a new (to me) queen bed.  Trading in my sister’s childhood twin felt like a wonderful step into the good life but has required a few ancillary purchases.  With a queen bed, one needs queen sheets, queen mattress pad and a queen quilt.  For the moment I’m using a waffle weave blanket from my old bed turned sideways which doesn’t cover my feet but is fine for summer wear.  But now the quilt is getting underway.

I actually have everything on hand already because of my magpie tendency to acquire fabric without a firm plan and because I took advantage of a great sale at Hancock Fabric last month to pick up the flannel backing and cotton batting I’d need.  From my collection of fat quarters I assembled this collection above.  The brown fabric is the sheets, the navy is the flannel backing and the white muslin will be the background of the quilt top.  I’d actually also cracked last time I was at the quilt store and bought the pattern for a Denyse Schmidt quilt “Stacking the Odds”.  Its this one here. Its simply too cute to pass up and all her stuff really appeals to me.  I almost never follow the patterns of professional designers – its more fun to play with my own stuff and I’m too stubborn.  But this quilt really has me tempted.

I’m not, however, using her fabrics so I couldn’t just follow the layout instructions she provided.  Instead I did some playing around in In Design to see what it might look like.  I snapped pictures of each of my fabrics and then pasted them into shape blocks to arrange the colors.  But after I’d done up a “stacking the odds” pattern I wondered if I couldn’t go even simpler with a simple grid of squares and just let the fabrics – all of which I really love – speak for themselves a bit more.  So here are three potential new quilt tops.  I’m having a bit of trouble deciding which to move forward with.  Any thoughts?

I did a quick mockup of the middle pattern – with 8″ squares separated by 4″ white blocks on the bed.  Here’s how that’s looking.  The third pattern is 6″ squares with 3″ gaps.  If you really care, here’s a pdf of the three options at a higher resolution: bedroom quilt ideas_small.  Click the link.  Then click again to open the pdf.


One Response to “New Project”

  1. denisedthornton Says:

    I totally love stacking the odds! Your fabrics work wonderfully with that pattern. I especially like the vertical panel on the far right. But I wouldn’t put too much plain border between them in between.

    What a fun project!

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