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I have a short attention span.

June 30, 2010

I came home last night with only two more fabric patterns to cut into pieces.  Look you can see them laid out on the cutting mat there on the table (yes, the new table).  But at the end of the night I still hadn’t finished (or started cutting them out).  So the quilt is on a mini hold.  “Why,” you ask.  Well I’ll tell you – because the humidity was so nice and low.  I realized that this next streak of days would be the perfect time to finish painting the table I bought last month from craigslist.  So I spread out some plastic drop cloth, block the table up on some handy spacers (more paint cans) and cracked out the brushes again.  I’m very excited to wrap up this project which has gone on far to long. Read the rest of this entry »



June 28, 2010

So I made a decision and went with the Denyse Schmidt quilt.   I feel odd about executing someone else’s design but I really do like it a lot and why shouldn’t I go with that feeling.  I did end up re-doing the colors again yesterday.  I removed all the fabrics with gray tones in them and then filled in with a few more of the other remaining colors and added two more solids: the periwinkle blue and the yellow.  Here’s how its (theoretically) looking now.  But I actually started cutting last night so I’ll be having a physical mockup soon in addition to the digital.  Its fun to be playing with fabric again this way.

New Project

June 26, 2010

This is my first weekend at home since my birthday and before it had been another month since I stayed put.  All this time away meant that I started using my apartment like a hotel room – coming home to eat, read, watch something and then go to sleep … and I haven’t had a project for quite a little while.  (Well I did re-finish a new table but that’s another story).  Today I’m finally starting one!  At the same time that I picked up my new table from Craigslist last month I also picked up a new (to me) queen bed.  Trading in my sister’s childhood twin felt like a wonderful step into the good life but has required a few ancillary purchases.  With a queen bed, one needs queen sheets, queen mattress pad and a queen quilt.  For the moment I’m using a waffle weave blanket from my old bed turned sideways which doesn’t cover my feet but is fine for summer wear.  But now the quilt is getting underway.

I actually have everything on hand already because of my magpie tendency to acquire fabric without a firm plan and because I took advantage of a great sale at Hancock Fabric last month to pick up the flannel backing and cotton batting I’d need.  From my collection of fat quarters I assembled this collection above.  The brown fabric is the sheets, the navy is the flannel backing and the white muslin will be the background of the quilt top.  I’d actually also cracked last time I was at the quilt store and bought the pattern for a Denyse Schmidt quilt “Stacking the Odds”.  Its this one here. Its simply too cute to pass up and all her stuff really appeals to me.  I almost never follow the patterns of professional designers – its more fun to play with my own stuff and I’m too stubborn.  But this quilt really has me tempted. Read the rest of this entry »


June 25, 2010

Yeah, well.  I apparently fell off the posting wagon.  I’ve been busy at work, traveling every weekend and balancing an extra element or two in my social life.  Excuses excuses.  I shall simply have to try to improve.  Meanwhile here’s someone else’s blog to look at, the excellence of which will (I hope) distract from my own failings:

These are all scans from catalogs brilliantly re-messaged by Molly Erdman at her brand new blog Catalog Living.  Look.  Laugh.


June 9, 2010

My birthday was yesterday and I’ve been a bit distracted in the run up to said event.  My sister visited and over the course of five days we baked three cakes (and a batch of brownies) among other things. It was a great extended weekend (even considering that I worked Monday and Tuesday).  For me the whole thing could be summed up by the rainbow I noted on Sunday afternoon. I’ll post more in the near future but for the moment here’s this: