Milk on the Radio

May 25, 2010

I was on the radio today.  Why, you ask.  To tell Wisconsin what kind of milk I drink.  For those of you not following the Raw Milk legislation in Wisconsin, Governor Doyle vetoed the bill.  This is a bill that I’ve been watching closely since its inception.  After much advocacy and contacting of representatives and publicity in the news and general wringing of hands and devoting of time it passed the state senate 25 to 8 and the assembly by 60 to 35.  Then it sat (languished, really) on Governor Doyle’s desk for interminable days while he hemmed and hawed and generally dragged his feet.  He had said before it passed that he “assumed” he’d sign it, should it reach his desk which was not exactly an unequivocal yes to me all this reads like some fairly shady influence peddling on the part of the industrial ag lobby.  And now he’s vetoed it.  I’m super bummed, not least because my supply of raw milk may now be in jeopardy.  I think this is a huge step backwards and a slap in the fact to small farmers across the state. 

I’m sorry you’re not running again, Governor Doyle, I would have liked to campaign against you.

Anyway, the issue is far from dead.  There’s some talk of an override (although I don’t think we’ve got the votes) and it will be brought up again in January 2011.

Its also still being talked about.  Today it was featured on Here On Earth on Wisconsin Public Radio.  I knew it was going to be on so I listened to the streaming program while doing some AutoCAD redlines this afternoon.  I wasn’t intending to call in – maybe I’d email them – but then the first caller was rabidly opposed to the issue and … I just couldn’t help myself.  I looked up the number and dialed.  Immediately all the blood drained out of my head and my hands started shaking but I managed to give my name and location to the phone wrangler and even felt reletivly coherent on the air.  I’m hoping I’ll still think so when I listen to it later.  Anyway – I’m going to do all I can in support of my right to buy local milk directly from the farmer!

Here’s a link to the program.  The program is titled Crying over Spilt Milk and its not yet listenable yet but should be in the archive by tomorrow if you want to hear me sound very earnest and a little bit nervous on public radio.


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