Breaking News on Hikers

May 20, 2010

There’s finally some positive news about the three hikers.

If you don’t remember that my friend Josh Fattal has been detained in Iran for 10 months … I do.  And there has been precious little news to keep Josh, Sarah and Shane’s friends and loved ones sustained during all this time.  Today however there was a dramatic development.  The mothers of the three hikers have been trying to visit their children for many months.

They were finally granted visas only in the last few weeks.  Today they were (at least temporarily) reunited with their children and there was a press conference which gave all of us watching at home something to actually watch.  We are all hoping for the best here and the best is that the three of them go home with their loving families at this time.

The New York Times posted an update this morning and again this afternoon and here’s the ABC news coverage of the reunion.  There’s video footage of the hugging and then a press conference with a few questions directed to the three hikers themselves.  Its hard to process what I feel on seeing them speak.  I’m thinking of them with love all the time.  And especially now.


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