I am the 190,434,783 richest person in the world!

May 14, 2010

… at least according to the rather simplistic calculation based on income alone available at Global Rich List.  The site was featured on the Bucks blog of the NY Times this morning.   The site prompts you to input your income (you select pounds, euros, yen dollars etc first) and then shows where you stack up against the whole world.  I thought this was a good perspective shift for those of us feeling occasionally sorry for ourselves on incomes that would keep whole extended families in the third world going for years.

After it lets you know how you stack up against the whole world … it prompts you to think about donating some of those piles of money you now see you’re raking in.  This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately – more on this later – but for the moment check it out.  And/or try these websites which allow you to feel like you’re doing some good:

Or you can always just go to Free Rice and play games to help out the hungry.


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