Can it!

May 13, 2010

Today I (somewhat) accidentally took my lunch to work in a tupperware container.  The container in question is the only one I still own – a relic of my college days and possessing some sentimental association as I carried it around the world with me in 2002-2003.  But as I borrowed a plate so that I could heat up my leftovers – calzones with tomato dipping sauce, I remembered again why I don’t like to use plastic anymore.  All this is by way of saying that I have a new love in my life.

I am rapidly falling head over heels for Ball canning jars.  I switched out my tupperware for pyrex a few years ago and I still use and like all of those pieces.  But my new love is definitely official canning jars.  I have so many in my life now.  I get two two-quart sized jars every week containing my weekly gallon of farm fresh milk.  Shortly after that began I borrowed three quart jars from my mother – for decanting extra milk from one week to another and for other useful refrigerator storage.  I was pleased that they took the same size lids as the larger ones.

I should mention that at this point I don’t even do any official canning.  I did put up several pounds of bell peppers and about 40 lb of tomatoes last fall but I did it all with freezer storage.  Nevertheless, they are infinitely useful.  And I’m eager to expand my range this summer.  Plus Ball is apparently a great company.*

And to top it all off – it was only a few days ago that I came across this little item on Young House Love‘s recent House Crashing post.  Oh yes.  Its a ball jar chandelier:

I‘m semi seriously considering making one!  The proud DIY home owner is Kara Paslay who details how she and her husband assembled the thing on her own home improvement blog.  Its actually an amazingly elegant look out of a really casual country set of items.  I’m very amused and I’d take it over my apartments oh-so-passe bronze four directional lights and a fan fixture any day.

However my main point is this: Ball canning jars are absolutely fabulous and can be used for nearly anything.  Hooray for them!

*As I was rhapsodizing to myself about how much I love them I said “I should buy stock in Ball Canning Jars.”  Then I went and looked up their website.  Apparently they were named the “100 Best Corporate Citizens” list in 2010 by Corporate Responsibility Magazine.  They’ve been working to improve their overall energy use, VOC releases, water uses, natural gas use etc over the last few years.  Apparently most of their revenue is actually in real cans – the steel ones you buy food in at the grocery store – which I’m not so wild about.  But as far as the glass jars arm of the company goes … they are all about making re-usable glass canning jars – to be used in lieu of disposable containers for prepared food.  So, two thumbs up there as well.


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