Deadline met!

April 19, 2010

Well its all done.  And I really did end up cutting it down to the wire.  I redesigned the collar of the jacket last thing and was sewing on the final seem at noon on saturday.  Then I rushed all around my apartment throwing things in a bag and was in my car on the way to the wedding by 12:20.  According to google maps that departure time meant I’d barely make it to the service but, by dint of driving quite a bit over the speed limit on open roads the whole way, I made it there in good time.

The wedding was totally lovely.  This was actually my first grown-up wedding and I thought it all came off beautifully.  Chris and Paul were married in her home town church by his family minister and everyone there was very casual and happy.  Chris looked amazing (like a real bride)!  The reception was really nice.  There was a great big band style band playing dance music and I sat with a table of fellow archi-grads so it was like a mini reunion as well.  All in all, I was thrilled to be there for it.  Oh I almost forgot.  The craziest thing is this:  I caught the bouquet.  I’m not really up on the rules of this but I figure it means one of three things: 

a) I’m going to get married soon.

b) Nobody else at that wedding is going to get married for a long long time.

c) This is all kinda hooey anyway.

>>>> This is the actual bouquet by the the way.  Yes the grip is wrapped in duct tape.  Chris is a very awesome person.   Also I did not try to catch it – the darn thing hit me in the arm.  It was catch it or drop it on the floor.  So …

Back to the sewing though – the fact that I finished the jacket is the more amazing because the last thing I did on Friday night was trim off the extra zipper with a pair of scisors and I also cut quite an alarmingly deep gash in my the webbing between my index and middle fingers.  There was a lot of applying pressure and holding it above my head and yelling while I dabbed on the alcohol pad.  More annoyingly still its in a nearly impossible spot to fit a bandaid over.  Never the less I still designed, cut, and assembled the sleeves and collar for the jacket and re-hemmed it an inch shorter as well as putting my hair up in pin curls all on Saturday morning.  I’m kinda impressed with myself.  Here’s a few more shots of the jacket because I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.


One Response to “Deadline met!”

  1. RS Says:

    The lady doth protest too much “Also I did not try to catch it – the darn thing hit me in the arm. It was catch it or drop it on the floor. So …”

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