April 15, 2010

So its tax day and I DON’T agree with T-Rex here.  I lamely come down on the Utahraptor size and think taxes are pretty darn cool.  I actually only just filed my federal taxes today (way to procrastinate, me!) although, in my defense, I did have them all prepared and set more than a month ago.  I filed my state taxes last week and already got my refund direct deposited to my bank account (woo hoo!)  I’m going to owe on the federal taxes.  But actually I find the whole process kind of fun and interesting.  Here I am, making a contribution to my nation’s maintenance costs.  So … hooray for taxes.  I, too, would rather have less of them go to pay for our nations wars but even there – I’m not about to suggest cutting off funds to the soliders currently embroiled in our mess – they need all the help they can get.  Anyway.  I’m totally with Gail Collins here.  We should be celebrating tax day.


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