Waste Free

March 31, 2010

We could all do with paring down and having less stuff in our lives.  Here’s where I’ve been turning for inspiration recently.  I came across the Zero Waste Home in this piece by Michelle Slatalla in her NYTimes column, WIFE/MOTHER/WORKER/SPY.  She describes the agony of paring down her families possessions to prepare for an upcoming move and her neighbor’s contrastingly pure white house filled with … not very much.  Said neighbor, Bea, recently started this blog to document her battle to keep waste out of the home.  She takes her quest to extremes I haven’t matched yet – bringing jars to the deli counter at the supermarket, having them tared off and then filled with meat and cheese, for instance – but I recognize her aims in my own life.  I especially appreciate the tag line:

Refuse, refuse, refuse.

Then Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

(and only in that order).


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