What Type of Natural Builder Are You?

March 25, 2010

I’m in Darrington, WA today enjoying the small town life of my dear friend Catherine.  Last night we strolled to the local library and watched a documentary about building with Cob that was very intriguing.  The woman who presented the film also brought in her entire personal library of natural building including several issues of a private newsletter on the subject of cob called the Cob Web.  It contained a quiz to determine your style of natrual building which made me laugh out loud.  I’m reproducing it here:

1. When planning your structure, do you

a) draw it

b) model it

c) copy it

d) talk about it

2. When working on the foundation, do you

a) use a level

b) eyeball it

c) intuit it

d) not bother with a foundation

3. When mixing cob, do you like to

a) use your feet

b) use your whole body

c) use a cement mixer

d)what’s “cob” again?

4. On the worksite, do you tend to leave tools

a) neat and orderly

b) thrown all over the place

c) not bother with tools

d) other

5. When building with straw bales, would you choose

a) a post and  beam structure

b) a load-bearing structure

c) load bearing with post and beams just in case

d) whatever the moment suggests

6. Do you perfer

a) a conventional roof

b) a domed roof

c) a tarp

d) not to bother with a roof

7. In seeking code approval, which approach would you take?

a) submission of detailed designs

b) submit code information from other districts

c) lie

d) a mini-skirt and high heels

8. How long is a foot?

a) 12 inches

b) 10 inches

c) 3 of these

d) differs from person to person

9. What do you find most attractive about Alternative Building Methods?

a) cost efficiency

b) material conservation

c) community building

d) the people it attracts.

The Results

If you answered mostly a)’s, straw bale is probably the material for you.  Those with a b) tendency might be more suited to a cob building.  If you’re hovering in the c) area, take some more workshops or hire somebody else to build for you.  If d) is your defining option, have you considered setting up a tent?

The Cob Web newsletter cites Circle Round the Newsletter of the Women’s Natural Building Network as their source for this quiz.


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