March 11, 2010

This was my last night’s cooking adventure.  The story is a little round-about because I was planning to make potatoes and my mom’s delicious “yeasty gravy” recipe and wanted a center dish to go with them.  I was also very aware of the large bag of spinach in my fridge which KJ brought up from Madison’s farmers market last weekend that needed to be used.  Quickly poking around online I found a bunch of gross-looking options for creamed spinach and one which seemed more appealing that incorporated it into a bread crumbs and cheese bake.  That sounded hearty and center piece-ish but somehow by the time I got home after work and was actually flipping through Mark Bittman I was thinking egg and cheese dishes with spinach in them.  And I hit on soufflé.  I’ve never made one before and don’t even own a baking dish to accommodate one but he said the recipe could be split into individual ramekins and I thought “pyrex!”  and was off to the races.  It turned out great beyond my wildest hopes.  Each little container poufed up delightfully and turned into a fluffy egg-y success.  Now however I have a little stumbling block.  I ate one last night and really enjoyed it but now I have three more stored.  I’m not sure how well soufflé can be expected to re-heat.  A cursory search of the internet suggests that if you pour on a little cream and add some new grated cheese they can be baked again and may even re-puff slightly (they have deflated back to below the rim of the glass).  So I’ll experiment with that tonight.  And next time I’ll do it for company and reap some serious admiration for my mad culinary skills!


One Response to “Souffle!”

  1. denisedthornton Says:

    This what I want the next time I visit!

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