Dinosaur Comics

February 17, 2010

Shuck your jive, man!  Shuck ALL your jive!

I recently discovered the awesomeness that is Dinosaur Comics.  They are witty and brilliant and … always formatted against the same illustrations of the same dinosaurs.  Maybe the most amazing thing is the variety that they pack into this formula.

Here are several favorites to get you started but really they are all good.  Click on the bold text just above the comic to be taken to a random strip – the title is always the text from the second frame.

Today is a good day I think to find God!

You believe you’re totally fake!

Its never too late for a career change, TRex!  Great!

That’s right, bitches.  People still say “behooves!”

(Incidentally that would be an awsome way to die.  Seriously, what are the odds that all the oxygen molecules in the room randomly bounced away so that you suffocate in the resultant temporary vacuum?  I want to know.)

And here’s the spoof xkcd which turned me onto Dino Comics in the first place:

Guys: while I was writing this, I accidentally swallowed a table sized slab of drywall.  I know!  Wacky!


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