Progress in Plaid (concluded)

February 12, 2010

Its Done!  I sewed up the lining last night and I couldn’t be prouder.  I actually can’t really believe I did it.  I’m trying to remember when I started this whole crazy kick and I can’t be perfectly sure but I think I saw the Heroes episode which inspired it three weeks ago Thursday and I know I bought the chenille on January 22nd.  So that’s less than three weeks start to finish.  I was designing as I went which slowed me down a fair amount but, of course, added to the fun.  Right up till the last night when I decided that it needed a fourth row of buttons and quickly added them just before hand stitching the lining closed.  But its done. I did it.  And today I wore it to work.  I got a complement on it from a total stranger at the internet marketing seminar I attended this morning too.  The woman next to me, Danielle Kaeding of local radio news fame, actually, said she liked it when we stood up at the break.  And she meant it in a thats-a-cool-coat-how-clever-of-you-to-decide-to-buy-it way, not even in an how impressive that you sew your own clothes way.  I think I can call myself a real seamstress now!

Here’s a peek at the lining, which everyone seems to agree, totally makes the coat!

To see the whole process see the older posts here.

Next stop: the moon!  Actually, next stop I think will be a dress and coat with matching lining to wear to Chris and Paul’s wedding.  More on this soon!


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