Fabric Frippery

February 8, 2010

I was up in the Twin Cities this weekend, visiting a few friends from school, and I indulged myself with a round of my favorite quirky fabric stores.  I’ve been hitting the fabric pretty hard of late but I don’t really see any reason to be ashamed of that.  In fact I feel like shouting it from the rooftops – its fun.  And should you happen to feel the same – here are the two best shops I know about in that area:

Crafty Planet

This store sells yarn, patterns, books and fabric – mostly of the cotton quilting variety.  In addition to the latest Amy Butler prints and a wide selection of reasonably priced Kona solids they have really interesting imports from Japan and quirky patterns for an unending list of kid oriented stuff.  They also have some great bag making notions that I drool over every time I come in.  On this trip I managed to restrain myself from going too wild – since I don’t have any quilting projects in the offing.  But I did pick up a copy of Design-It-Yourself Clothes, which is a fabulous book that I’ve had out from the library until it was recalled (twice) and decided to own.  If you live further afield you can still check out Crafty Planet at their website which is also an online store:  www.craftyplanet.com.

Treadle Yard Goods

… which I always think of in my head as Treadle Thread Goods because, well, don’t you think that just sounds better?  But naming aside its a wonderful fabric store.  They have everything.  Although its a quite small store it does seem to have a far reaching and quirkily wonderful collection of many different types of project – apparel, quilting, specialties etc.  They have a whole nook of beautiful batiks, a number of racks of organic or natural things.  They also have a really great collection of knits that one would actually enjoy turning into clothing – as opposed to the disappointing, ugly drek that I always encounter at my local Hancock.  I wanted to get a little of everything but since I have a number of projects in the offing already I only got two things – a darling grey stretch cordoury fabric on sale and eight even-more-darling orange buttons.  More on this soon – I had a brilliant insight into how to use it on my drive home.  But for the moment … see more about Treadle Yarn etc at their website: www.treadleyardgoods.com.

Olive Juice Quilts

This one is actually right here in Onalaska (greater La Crosse area) but I have to throw it into the list because it is a great store.  I haven’t been haunting it much of late because my sewing interests have shifted temporarily away from quilts and most of the collection at Olive Juice is quilting cottons.  Nevertheless they can be lovely for making bags or any number of other small projects … and its a great way to spend an afternoon.  Last weekend I introduced my mom to the great temptation that is a good quilting store.  We found this one shown at the top together and she insisted on gifting me with a couple yards – thanks momma!  Below is a larger portion of the same fabric.  Isn’t it perfect.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with this one but framing it for my wall isn’t out of the question!


2 Responses to “Fabric Frippery”

  1. mlj Says:

    Does it make more sense as Treadle ‘Yard’ Goods? Because if you look carefully. . . . (smile!!!)

  2. dihansmann Says:

    Ah yes I see that they are in fact named Treadle Yard Goods … not Treadle Yarn Goods as I had thought. I’ve changed it in the text. But I maintain that Treadle Thread Goods would roll off the tongue more smoothly in either case. (sheepish smile)

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