Progress in Plaid (continued)

February 4, 2010

So my dressmaking adventures have continued fairly continuously since last I posted about my plaid coat project here.

Its been quite the challenge but I’ve really enjoyed it.  I forgot to note when I started in on this but its certainly been a couple of weeks now that my apartment has been littered with little strings of chenille.  I went through an extensive period of basting and pulling apart – trying to get both the fit and the plaid at the seams to a good place.  Since the weekend I’ve been making more concrete progress.  I sewed up all the seams with navy thread and then pressed them all flat and sewed them down on both sides.   (Sidenote: I love, love, love sewing seems flat.  Its just the most satisfying thing in the whole world.)  Then I cut out the lining fabric and assembled it as well.  For some reason it was fitting more snugly than the coat itself (less give in the fabric probably) so I had to slit it up the back and add a 2 inch strip to allow for a little more give in the shoulders.

I also added a pocket to the coat – since I’d forgotten to develop that earlier I went with a simple patch pocket at hip height and only one.  This isn’t a practical garment so I’m not really worried about hand warmer pockets – if the weather sucks I won’t be wearing this.  Although that said – it is quite warm in the windless environment of my apartment.  The pocket is basically for keys or ipod – the way I use the pockets in my spring raincoat of a similar length.  I decide on only one (on the right side) because then it can be tucked away behind the profile of the overlapping coat edges.

Finally last night I made the collar and attached it to both the lining and the main coat – effectively attaching them to each other – and sewed lining and chenille together along the opening down to the hemline.  So … its almost a coat now!  The next/final steps are to attach the buttons and make button holes, hem up the bottom and sleeves and sew flat the seams around the front opening.  Very exciting.  My first coat!  I’ll post again with final images soon – I want to get this wrapped up before my trip to the Twin Cities this weekend.


2 Responses to “Progress in Plaid (continued)”

  1. denisedthornton Says:

    good choice with the collar. very nice

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