There can’t have been a woman in the room.

February 1, 2010

You may not have given much thought to the new mac version of the Kindle – I certainly didn’t, being by no means sold on the idea of electronic reading devices.  But I heard this piece on the radio as I drove home last week and laughed so hard I nearly went off the road.  All Things Considered did a little bit on Apple’s newest product – the iPad.  As the female commentator said: how on earth did they name it that.  There can’t have been a woman in the room.  Its so mockable … that its already been mocked.  MadTV did this sketch on the subject way back in 2005.  Its pretty funny and the best part is the dancing silhouettes montage at the end.  Watch and laugh!


3 Responses to “There can’t have been a woman in the room.”

  1. amymussen Says:

    This is hilarious! I must’ve only listened to morning NPR the day the iPad came out, because I totally missed it.

    PS found your blog via your mom’s, I’m at

    • dihansmann Says:

      Isn’t it just too funny? What were they thinking? I laughed out loud in the car when I heard the piece. Thanks for the shout out by the way. Its always nice to meet readers!

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