Ginger Moon Cookies

January 29, 2010

Tonight is Driftless Farm’s Pyrofest – a big party to celebrate all things fire appropriately situated on the Friday full moon closest to the winter cross quarter point (that’s Groundhogs Day this Tuesday if you didn’t know).  There is going to be a big bonfire, some talk of fire jumping, a lesson in starting fires by hand.  It should be quite the event.  Here’s my contribution: ginger moon cookies.  (Yes I just made up that name.)  Its basically just my attempt to spiff up normal boring sugar cookies.  I used an egg yolk glaze and then sprinkled part of them with chopped candied ginger and the other part with a large grain sugar.  The dividing line was created by “occluding” part of the cookie with the same round mold I used to cut them into circles.  They taste pretty interesting too – the ginger really punches up a standard cookie.  I’ll judge them by how fast they disappear at the event tonight.


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