Progress in Plaid

January 26, 2010

So my latest sewing project is providing a very pleasant challenge.  Last week I watched an episode of Heroes which featured (among other plot lines and devices) a really adorable plaid double breasted coat with princess seams and a gathered waist in the back.  It was still in my head on Friday when I went to the fabric store without a clear agenda in mind and found they were having a really good sale on wool.  Sale or no sale I decided it would be better to begin making a pattern from scratch with a less expensive fabric so I found this chenille plaid in the bargain bin for just a few dollars a yard.

It is being really difficult (read: fun) to try to get all the plaid to line up properly in a coat with this many seams and I think when I go back for the real fabric … I’ll go easy on myself and get a solid.  However the plaid may turn out to be presentable enough to wear on its own when I’m done.  In any case I’m having a great time figuring it out.

I’ve been trying on and measuring all my other coats and jackets (I seem to have a bunch that I actually never wear) and also just making leaps of faith with the scissors.  And doing a LOT of basting and unpicking.  But its coming along nicely.  This is a shot of me trying to get the grain of the sleeves to match perfectly with the line of the main body.

I may get as far as finishing the full outer coat tonight!  And then cutting and assembling the lining should be pretty simple.  But there remain the design challenges of collar, pockets and putting the lining and main coat together.  Still plenty of fun in the wings!

I need to figure out what I want the real wool fabric to be next – plain old black, classic camel, daring red, cutsie purple … lots of options.  But the sale ends this weekend so I need to figure it out soon.  Any thoughts, gentle readers?

To see how the project continues click here.


4 Responses to “Progress in Plaid”

  1. denisedthornton Says:

    I love this self portrait! (especially the pins in your mouth — don’t let your grandmother see that)

  2. dihansmann Says:

    Well really! Where else is one supposed to keep the pins while standing in front of a mirror using your own body as a dressmaker’s dummy? Holding the pins in your mouth is very convenient.

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  4. […] To see the whole process see the older posts here. […]

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