January Thaw

January 25, 2010

Today is the end of an odd little January thaw.  I spent the weekend wearing my spring/fall raincoat* over a hooded sweatshirt and forgetting my gloves on purpose.  After the unpleasant freezing rain of Thursday and Friday and the much more pleasant simply warm days this weekend most of the snow banks along roadsides and sidewalks have simply melted away.  Sometimes this means they’ve melted into huge puddles over the street drains which are frozen creating ugly obstacles to pedestrian behavior but mostly they’ve simply disappeared as if never there.  Snow is such an interesting phenomenon – so light and insubstantial as it falls, then mounding into rock hard boulders and blockades after it compacts and finally melting away to watery nothing.  I couldn’t help my body feeling like spring was on the way all weekend long but in my head I know its just a January thaw.

And here’s the proof: its snowing again.  I don’t mind it.  Now that we’ve cleared the streets and regained a few feet of width for parking on 8th Ave, I’m happy for a new layer of cleansing whiteness to descend.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get up early and go snow shoe in it.

*its my favorite coat because of the length.  More on this in an upcoming post.


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