Shard Mosaic

January 19, 2010

photo by j amor on flikr

Last weekend I was in Chicago for a little sister fun time.  By far my best christmas present this year was a gift certificate for two tickets to a show at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.  She suggested that I use it soon so as to catch their current production of Noel Coward’s Private Lives with one our favorite APT actresses, Tracy Michelle Arnold, starring in it.  Accordingly I set it up for this past weekend.  We booked a room using Priceline and set off merrily early on Saturday morning in order to catch a museum or two before evening.  The whole weekend was positively ideal with one minor exception – I forgot the memory card of my camera.  I really kicked myself when I saw the condition of the river, which has fractured into a mosaic of trangular shards and then re frozen into a beautiful pattern.  As soon as I got home I raced to flikr to see if other people had noticed and documented the beautiful sight.  Here are some of their pictures.  I wish they were mine.

photo by Justin Kern

photo by Deniz Merdan


2 Responses to “Shard Mosaic”

  1. Justin Kern Says:

    Thanks for using my pic – too bad about the memory card – I am also always fascinated by the river when it looks like this.

  2. dihansmann Says:

    Justin, thank you. Its a really lovely image. I tried to soak in the view as much as possible while I was there but am really glad that miracles of modern technology mean I can use other peoples photos to bolster my memory of the sight.

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