December 22, 2009

We’ve passed the longest night.  Yesterday, the shortest day was notable here in La Crosse for not showing the sun once all day – total overcast gloom.  But in a way its appropriate, if unpleasant.  Today though its snowing and bright.  I don’t even care at the moment that its going to affect my drive home to Madison tonight – its beautiful.  And we’ve passed the tipping point of the year.

There are so many traditions around renewal and starting over around this time.  The New Year its the one most people pay attention to – with resolutions and a re-start of the calendar.  But Christmas itself is the christian hijack of the old Pagan shortest day holiday.  Our lighted trees are a nod to the bonfires of old – the ceremonies meant to coax back the waning daylight, to ensure that the days not shorten into nothingness this year.   Diwali, the hindu festival of lights, happens earlier in the western calendar but seems to speak to the same idea of renewal and rebirth.  The specific date probably doesn’t matter all that much.  Humans all share a need to start fresh with a clean slate on a regular basis, begin again and resolve to do it better this time.  I’ll choose this one.


One Response to “Solstice”

  1. Malea Says:

    I was searching for your solstice post this morning! I thought of you last night as Mom and I prepped the house for our Christmas Eve festivities. Have a wonderful time at home in Madison!

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