Recovery and Relief

December 20, 2009

Saturday I knocked off a little home decorating project that’s been in the hopper for over a year.  I recovered my little two seater sofa last november.  The posts about my sofa recovering process are more detailed than this one: here and here.  Around the same time I got some green remnant fabric intended to recover my “classic” little Ikea chair, a POANG, I believe.  I originally bought it with the cheapest cover – slightly off white canvas.  It held up well for four years but it was starting to show wear – if I’d gotten a darker color it would probably have lasted longer.  When I took it off the foam pads I wasn’t intending to copy the pattern of the cover – it is just a simple envelope design with a front side and a back side sewn together with binding tape around the edge – I was hoping for something a bit more tailored.  I’d been planning keep the old cover – for what I don’t know – but it occured to me I could harvest it for notions and padding.  In the end I completely dissassembled it – which was very easy.  I’m not sure if I should complement Ikea on their thrifty design or be shocked at how cheap the thing was but it doesn’t really matter anymore.  I used the cotton batting to pad the top part of my new covers, recycled the zippers on the back and even the velcro strips which attach the padding to the wooden frame.  And I did the whole thing in a day.  It looks pretty snappy I think – and I haven’t even thrown in a new headrest design yet.

Why did it take me a year to get this done when its such a relief to have finished it.


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