The Fish are Jumping

December 14, 2009

I know it sounds incongrous but I’m not actually kidding.  The fish are jumping.  And by looking in the same direction I can also see it snowing at a 45 degree angle into traffic down main street.  Well … actually that’s an exaggeration – its not main street it’s fourth.  I’m working at the Root Note today – my favorite coffee shop in La Crosse, or pretty much anywhere for that matter.  Its been a whole streak of snow days lately, only partly due to snow and partly due to other office conditions.  I don’t mind a bit because I love working at the Root Note.  I can have hot cider and wonderful cookies and, if I’m feeling exorbitant, really good pizza for lunch.  And hang out with the fish.

I have a favorite table – well who that knows me thinks that news – where I always sit.  It used to be the first one on the floor by the front window that wasnt in the little raised platform in the window.  But then they rearranged things and although my favorite table is still the same, now there’s a large aquarium in the window instead of another table.  So I keep company with the fish.  They’re particularly active today.  There’s another splash – it sounds like someone’s throwing pebbles.  Maybe they’ve just been fed.  I should get back to work now.  But I think I’ll be particularly enjoying the incongruity of the active fish in the boxed pond and the snow and sleet outside the window all day long.


One Response to “The Fish are Jumping”

  1. denisedthornton Says:

    There is something almost hypnotic about watching fish swim in a tank. For some reason it’s a lot more soothing than watching mammals pace in a cage. But I wonder suddenly how the fish feel about it. It probably depends on the fish and the tank.

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