Fabric Frivoling

December 13, 2009

I was lured into the fabric store by a wonderful sale  – 30 fat quarters for the price of 20.  If you’re not a quilter, a fat quarter is a quarter yard of fabric, but its instead of being a strip just 45 by 9 inches its a more useful 22 by 18.  They’re like crack for me – little bursts of color fun.  They can be turned into quilts or any number of manageable crafty little projects.  A few at a time they’re pretty cheap so you can justify it as a fun little fling rather than a rash waste of money on fabric for projects  only vaguely envisioned.  Anyway, the sale got me into the store.  I then proceeded to dither and dream for the better part of two hours (I accidentally stayed past closing) hand came up with a few un-necessary projects to supersede the christmas present crafting I’d had on my agenda for the weekend. I fell in love with  So I spent this morning sewing at my little kitchen table turned craft command center shown above.  The laptop has a couple of images of the purse to remind me what it looks like.  The cutting mat is on the left and the ironing board on the right and the sewing machine front and center.  I banged out the purse – a glorified tote bag, really – in a couple of hours.  The fun thing about is the two layer system.  I think that the Amy Butler version is reversable but I decided instead to do the the inner layer as a straight lined tote shape and the outer layer as a pleated puffy thing but it will never appear that full because the outer layer is larger.  It occured to me as I was making it that the fabric’s a touch gaudy … and doesn’t go with any of my coats.  Then I thought that the real fashion coup would be to make it with a zipper such that the outer layer could be removed and exchanged while the inner bag – the servicable tote – continued to contain all ones manifold items.  Pretty slick idea.  I’d have tried it but I didn’t have a long enough zipper on hand … and two trips to the fabric store in a weekend can be a budget busting enterprise.  Anyway … here’s to fat quarters.


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