Snow Day

December 9, 2009

“Snow Day” doesn’t mean the same thing to me now that it did when I was a child.  Working nine to five at the kitchen table doesn’t quite have the appeal of sleeping in, making snow balls and snow angels and drinking hot cocoa all day.  But still I think its a connotation shared by every graduate of a midwestern elementary school that a blizzard is exciting and a snow day the peak of winter fun.  So I can’t help being excited about the weather drama this morning.  Even the hour I spent shoveling my car out from packed in passage of the plow was pretty fun.  And I was especially proud to have done the whole thing with my tiny emergency shovel (although I may upgrade to a real one if this weather continues).  I have a very adult satisfaction in the knowledge that I’ve moved my car to the other side of the street and parked closer to the curb than the cars in front of and behind me to protect my side mirror from the predations of the plow.

My sister, I hear, is having a genuine snow day.  Classes have been canceled at UW Madison (an epoch making event) and Governor Doyle has ordered all non-essential state employees (which covers her job) to stay home so she’s off the hook.  I’m a touch jealous I admit.

Meanwhile I am comfortably ensconced at my kitchen table (with a mug of hot cocoa) and working away.  I have a picturesque view of snow covered pine boughs and neighbors shoveling the sidewalk.  Not a bad snow day after all, actually.


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