Whole Trees in the New York Times

November 4, 2009

new york times

If you have read any number of my previous posts, you’re probably aware that I read the NYtimes online pretty reguarly and quote it with some frequency on this blog.  Well here’s the man bites dog story of the year.  Today the New York Times is covering me!  Well almost … its covering Whole Trees.

Earlier this year Anne Raver, who writes for the Times, emailed our info page asking about what type of wood to use in a greenhouse.  We got into a little conversation and the upshot was that she got pretty excited about Whole Trees and sold her editor on doing an article about us.  She came out and visited the farm for a weekend in October and the long and the short of it is … the article is out TODAY.

Read it here. See the Slide show here. Tell your friends.  I just don’t know how I could feel any cooler today.

whole trees pano


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