Playing with Pin Curls

October 22, 2009

curls 1

… so, now that my application is in, I have a little extra time on my hands.  Here’s how it manifested itself last night and this morning.  A couple of weeks ago I came across a you-tube video of a person demonstrating how she styles her hair to look like its from the 40’s.  From that first one I found many more.  It appears to be a well developed genre.

curls 2

I found it oddly fascinating and ever since I’ve been thinking about … pin curls.  I gave it a try last night – it takes a while to get the trick of twisting up your hair into perfect little loops behind your head but after a while I stopped trying to use the mirror and did it by feel … and then it worked better. (Obi Wan: “Your eyes can deceive you … don’t trust them.”)

curls 3

I was just messing around with it for a few minutes, not taking it very seriously at first.  I didn’t even have any hair pins so I used little clips instead.  But … it was oddly satisfying to do it all up so I dug out a stash of extra clips (why on earth do I have so many?) and kept going.  Before I knew it my whole head was done up in ringlets.

curls 4

And then it seemed a shame to take them all down again.  So I just tied my head up in a napkin alla Rosie the Riveter and went to bed.  It was surprisingly easy to sleep in and when I woke up it was all still in place, neatly held in place with the napkin.  This series of snaps shows what happened when I took it down.

curls 5Its a bit more volume than I know how to deal with.  I nearly washed it out before work but in the end I managed to tame it to only VERY curly and decided to see how long it would last.  Anyway … the whole thing was so frivolously delightful that I have resolved to get my hands on some hairpins and try again soon.


One Response to “Playing with Pin Curls”

  1. Malea Says:

    Oh go for volume!!! That is the joy of having curly hair! Don’t try to tame it! Make it as large as you possibly can!

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