Snow Day

October 12, 2009

snow in october

Well I didn’t actually get off from work or anything but … today was a snow day in that it snowed big puffy flakes all day long.  Sometimes it looked like someone was actually shaking down feathers.  I infinitely prefer 32 and snowing to 45 or even 55 and raining.  Thanks weather. Seriously.  I love fall and I love winter.  My sister got a text from her roommate who was visiting her family in Janesville over the weekend saying “its snowing. :'( and its cold.”  Not exactly your man bites dog story.  I have so many friends who kvetch about the winter weather and I just. don’t. understand.

I had the added bonus of discovering another fun feature of my gmail theme.  I use the one which shows the current weather conditions (although I just chose it because I liked the colors and thought it was reasonably understated).  But these themes came out in the summer.  It actually took me quite a while to realize that the decor of my email page matched the weather.  Sun when its sunny, rain drops when its pouring, grey-ish when its overcast.   Then, because I sit in front of a window which shows me the actual weather, I have plenty of amusing moments when it tells me that its pouring out while I am bathing in sunshine or vice versa.  But snow is my favorite thus far.  The little white dots fill me with christmas-y glee and the snow piles up along the Gmail logo,the top of the inbox and the the little g-chat window.  Its delightful.  Thank you gmail.  I love you.

snow in october 2


One Response to “Snow Day”

  1. mlj Says:

    I just. don’t. understand how you can’t love basking in the sun in the middle of August!

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