Pallet House

September 28, 2009

pallet house

This pallet house was featured on designboom earlier this year and I came across it recently in an unrelated search for work.  Its a pretty snappy concept I think.  They meant it as refugee housing in post-war or disaster situation but it could also be standard low income DIY housing in a lot of the world even without a nasty event.

The idea is that its made almost entirely of shipping pallets (readily available anywhere in the world today), simple and structural and requiring few other materials to get it set up as a quick shelter.  But then over time it can be added to – sided, roofed, covered with plaster, have windows and other details added – and turn into a semi-permanent residence.  Very cool idea by I-Beam Design + Architecture.

Click here to see what I-beam themselves have to say about it … and to see a lot more images and videos of the concept.


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