Kroner’s Hardware Store

September 12, 2009

hardware store 2

I think I’ve fallen in love … with Kroner’s True Value Hardware Store in downtown La Crosse.  I had to run in last thursday to get a cooler (another story) and was overwhelmed with a sense of warmpth and happiness for how completely old fashioned and funky the place is.   They sell everything from a kitchen aid mixer to a range of dusty tricycles stored in a row in the cavernous upstairs annex as well as your standard range of hammers and nails.  They are also staffed apparently at all times by four or five (probably related) salt of the earth Midwestern guys.  Last Thursday they ranged in age from a 10 year old to the old-timer in the picture below … all just hanging out in the store and waiting to ask if they can help you find something.  It just goes to show you can be an everything store and yet not feel like a menacing alien space ship (like the Walmart superstore I entered under protest this weekend did).  Even though they’ve annexed the True Value into their name this place is totally individual.  Gaze at the pictures I surreptitiously snapped and love it.

hardware store 3

hardware store 1

hardware store 4

hardware store 5

hardware store 6


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