A Bird in the Hand

September 10, 2009

bird in the hand 1

You never know what exciting thing is going to happen during your day.  In my case, that meant being startled nearly out of my skin by a huge flapping and fluttering which culminated with something small and yellow flying/falling down between my laptop and the window.  I leaned around the edge and determined that all the commotion had been caused by a tiny bird who was nearly as scared as I was – maybe more.  I carefully moved in with both hands and grabbed it (her) and carried her out the door muttering soothing nothings to myself and threw her out into the air.  Then I went and washed my hands about five times – because I’d been eating snack food with my fingers.  Oh and also, obviously, the first thing I did was reach for my camera because I am a compassionate human being, sensitive to the fear and stress of a fellow creature, second and a blogger first apparently!

Can anyone tell from this snap what kind of bird it was?


2 Responses to “A Bird in the Hand”

  1. Vincent Says:

    A female yellow finch?

    • dihansmann Says:

      Thanks for the ID. I certainly agree that it was a female based on her coloring. My ornithology is so rusty I couldn’t go any further.

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