Commuter Reading

September 4, 2009

subway 2

This article in the New York Times today filled me with joy and also an intense longing for a time when I don’t commute by car anymore.  I like listening to the radio fine.  And I also sometimes make the road less safe and the trip more fun by talking on my cell phone.  But I miss walking to work with a book in my hand.  And I miss the experience I’ve never even had of a daily there-and-back on public transportation with a concentrated block of reading time.

I’ve always considered myself to be something of a country mouse but despite occasional borderline agoraphobia I have a paradoxical love of public transportation.  Especially subway trains.  I love the T in Boston, the Underground in London and the Subway in Paris.  Here’s a blog mentioned in the article that chronicles the subway-reading experiences of one New Yorker: the Subway Book Club.

subway 1


One Response to “Commuter Reading”

  1. mlj Says:

    This is really funny – I’ve had this article open on my computer since last week when I read it – but simply have not had time to blog it. I love the summer camp bit the best! Ah I miss reading on the train every day. . .

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