Fun with matching fabric

September 3, 2009

purse 3

This is what I was working on in the evenings last week.  I really wanted to get it done before our planned family trip to Chicago although clearly my time as a country mouse has been affecting my design judgement.  My sister laughed out loud when she saw that I had created an open top bag to hold all my valuables – phone, wallet, camera, ipod, precious journal, etc while walking around the city.  I’ll have to take out the lining and put it back together with some sort of clasp when I get a chance.  Other than that little error though, the bag worked great!  Its comfy and holds all my necesities.  And it doesn’t have a big mess of pens floating around in the bottom threatening to make an inky mess because I also made a matching pencil case.

purse 2

I am so in love with the concept of a pencil case!  Where have they been all my life?  Both of these are made in some black canvas that I had lying around.  The yellow cotton lining and the orange and yellow pattern that is either a leaf or a pomegranate are from a delightful fabric store Malea took me to in Minneapolis the weekend before last.   I might decide to go nuts with the matching and make a tote bag and other assorted bags out of the same palate – as I really like it.  Plus which its fun to make them.


One Response to “Fun with matching fabric”

  1. mlj Says:

    Very nice. The bag esp. is lovely. Now if only we could get some of that yellow out in the open. . .

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