Running out of Green Thread

August 27, 2009

malea's apron 2

Dave Barry used to pepper his columns with phrases that would make a good name for a band.  I think Irascible Babies was one example.  Lately my mind has started to do the same thing.  I’m starting to hear phrases that sound like potential blog names.  I think Running out of Green Thread would be a good one for a crafty oriented blog.  Maybe I’ll make it someday, if someone else hasn’t gotten there first.  Another might be Throwing Scissors.  That’s something the kid of one of my dad’s co-workers was recently reprimanded for doing in kindergarten.  I laughed out loud when I heard about it; its such a fabulous extension of the classic criticism “runs with scissors.”  And there are certainly times when I feel like it.  Throwing Scissors would be a good name for a blog written by a collective of burnt out arts and crafts teachers.

malea's apron 3

Anyway, the project which caused me to say the words “oh, damn, I’m running out of green thread,” this morning as I got in a bit of quick sewing before work was this apron.  Its been a long process creating this one.  The inspiration for it comes from a cute little pinafore apron I saw with some friends while one of them tried to use up a gift certificate to Anthropologie last October.  Its one of those stores that I love to wander through but never buy anything at from the two pronged reason that its all so expensive and its all the sort of thing I could make myself if I just bothered.  This apron being case in point.

malea's apron 4Malea fell in love with it (largely because of the adorable print it was made from – little grey owls).  It had princess seams with two little stash pockets hidden in the seam.  Also a cute little contrast color collar (which I don’t remember as clearly now).  Anyway I told her I could make it for her, no trouble, which was a bit of an overstatement.  I’d never seen anything like it and don’t have that much experience with designing clothing from scratch.  However,  I gamely went home, got out my bolt of cheap white muslin and started marking out and cutting the main princess panels.  I basted them together, pinned it to my shirt, drew lines in fabric marker on the result and then pulled it apart and tried again.  Finally, I came up with a result I liked and went so far as to make it up in a fabric that I thought Malea would like and was on the point of sending it off, when she called to say she’d fallen in love with and gotten two yards of this ladybug fabric and could she send it to me?  I said yes but by this point it was mid December and I was overwhelmed by my commitment to hand make Christmas presents for a huge bunch of relies coming for the family holiday.  I folded up Malea’s apron half finished …. and didn’t get it out again until last week.  Now however … the saga is finally concluding.  Its all made up except for the little collar – which I’m still not sure about.  Does it look as a collar should or what should be changed?  Thoughts anyone?


2 Responses to “Running out of Green Thread”

  1. Malea Says:

    So Chris thinks it should just be a band of cloth – straight across – but Erin and I agree that this gives it more of a 50’s style.

    We are going to research some pictures and give you an update.

  2. Malea Says:

    we sent you pictures of the original inspiration. We like the squared up collar.

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