Nederlandse Dromen (dutch dreaming)

August 25, 2009

dutch dreaming

I think I’m really beginning to see this Fulbright application as a real possibility.  Last night I was checking out the Nederlandse Taalunie website – a summer language program for non-native speakers that I participated in three years ago.  I was wondering about the possibility of going again.  If I do get this fellowship I’m going to have to work hard to bring my Dutch back up to conversational levels.  Working on your own with old notes will get you only so far.  I would try to go early next summer and participate in the Ghent program for three weeks in August so as to be as preped as possible to work in the language.  This morning I was fretting about the fact that the program is based in Belgium.  I wasn’t even sure where in Belgium Ghent was located.  So I checked it out on google maps.  The driving directions list it as a 2 hour 45 minute drive from Amsterdam.  Thats about the distance between La Crosse and Madison.  So … no worries.  Then I wondered about the public transport (not that I doubted its existence for a minute – I just wanted to know what it cost).  So I called up the good old Nederlandse Spoorwegen website and was overwhelmed by a wave of nostalgia and excitement.  THIS MIGHT REALLY HAPPEN!

(and isn’t it a pretty website?)


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