I Need a Design Opinion

August 11, 2009

jacket 1

I got the fabric and pattern for this jacket in Seattle with my aunt about four years ago (or it might have been eight).  We cut out all the pieces and then ran out of time so I folded the pieces up inside the bolt, stored them somewhere separate from the pattern and lost them both.  Earlier this summer the fabric surfaced again and after a little bit of detective work I was able to attach all the pieces to each other and turned them into this! Its wildly outsized (what was I thinking?) so I have some options for how to fit it.  I could just take in all the seams and make it up the way I (vaguely) remember or I could add cross the two front pannels and make a sort of modified double breasted number.  I really can’t decide which way I like it better though.  Does anyone else have an opinion?  See the two options below the fold:

jacket 3

jacket 4.











Here are the pros and cons as I see them.  I really like the lines of the asymmetrical front better.  For some reason the central meeting point which looks so cute on the back doesn’t appeal to me as much here and also I’m not sure how to attach it other than hook and eye which is awkward.  However when ever a jacket doesn’t meet in the middle precicely, it only really looks good closed.  That doesn’t give a lot of options for hot weather or more casual situations.  If I think about how I wear sweaters and hooded sweatshirts I almost always leave them hanging open.  Hmm.  What do you think, world?

Here’s the view of the back by the way.

jacket 2This part I’m sure I like.  Its super cute and turns a simple striped fabric into an enormous herringbone pattern.  Here’re a couple more issues:

Since I don’t have the original pattern and don’t really like how the neckline is working out I’m changing it from the straight mandarin collar it had to a more open shawl collar.  It seems softer and also more comfortable.

Also I’m not sure if the jacket was meant to be lined originally but I think it would be nice if it was – make it seem a little more tailored.  However I’ve never lined a suit jacket before and am not totally sure how.  So I thought I might compromise by making it reversable – that’s easier.  But then the inside color would show at the collar and cuffs.  What color should it be – navy or brown or something else?  Anyway, thoughts anyone?


2 Responses to “I Need a Design Opinion”

  1. Aunt Suzi Says:

    Hi sweet pea,
    My, weren’t we ambitious, though I don’t remember the fabric at all…
    In a nutshell, couture is ALL about fit. Side seams should be at the side; bust seams should be over the bust; back seams should follow the line of the back; shoulder seams shouldn’t droop; and the crossover (or not) should thereford be determined by where the front falls when everything else is lined up. So I’d vote for fitting everything properly first, then seeing how much overlap you have at the front. Likely you will have a smaller asymetric overlap that can easily be worn open. Or you could cut the front back to a single-button style and flare out to the lapel. Also, I don’t know whether your dress form is really you or not, but I’d raise the waist to the top of your waistline if you want to be in vogue… Stay in touch!
    love you, AS

  2. Aunt Suzi Says:

    P.S. I’d vote for a lively shade of rust/orange for lining. Navy and brown needs a pop. Don’t be shy…

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