My Name in Lights

July 29, 2009

digging guest post

I had my first experiences as a guest blogger Tuesday for Denise Thornton’s Digging in the Driftless.  I wrote in my capacity as the architect of her future green home but in the interests of full disclosure I should mention that I am not only Denise and Doug’s “architect,” I am their daughter.  In her capacity as my mother, Denise has enthusiastically dragooned me into promising several posts for her (much more formal and serious) blog about the process of designing their house.  I expect it will turn into quite a series and get into a number of interesting facts, ideas and design strategies.  But for the first post I started from a more general perspective and addressed some of the reasons I got interested in architecture in the first place, remembering the experiences I had while traveling around the world as a junior in college studying ecology and development and learning how little I knew about this planet I call home.  Read the full post here.


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